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App Based Compactor Solution

App Based Compactor Solution is a smart service with integrates technology. So entire system can be made smart as smart waste disposal is an important facet of Smart City

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The design of App Based Compactor Solution is made such that it is easy to use

Key product specification

Our customizable product as a service is integrated which makes visible difference to all stakeholders in the smart city, be it the citizens using waste bins to waste collectors, as well as the policy makers

Save on labor costs by streamlining and optimizing waste disposal operations. Less frequent collections and less inefficient collections helps save money and manpower costs

Cleaner streets are a result of less overflows thereby reducing pest control related issues for cleaner, healthier and hygienic streets

Key features and benifts

Data provides increased transparency and basis for predictive analysis

which improves operations and allows the city administrators to see exactly what they are spending on and how effective is the solution for them

Cities are able to reduce their waste collection costs by up to 50%

with smart IoT-based hardware and software solution which are completely customizable

The solution is a classic example of

Make in India Product as a Service concept

Our Products

Our Products