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Hughesafe Waste Compactor

Hughesafe Waste Compactor is a smart dustbin which integrates technology to give a customized product which is easy and safe to use, eco friendly, touchless and fully automated from start to finish.
Front view of smart dustbin

The design of Hughesafe Waste Compactor Dustbin is made such that it is easy to handle and safe by design for users.

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Key product specification

It is fitted with a caster wheel for ease of movement of the garbage chamber and additional guiding handle is also fixed on the bin. An additional locking mechanism is available to lock the bin from inside the enclosure. There are additional sensors available to detect the presence of user.
For safety, it is designed in such a way that in case a bin is missing, the compaction mechanism will not move. The garbage dropping point is designed with non-contact disposal. There is an additional flap/door installed in between the garbage drop area and compaction mechanism.
The opening mechanism of the flap is placed with the design to sense garbage/hand for opening. During the idle condition the flap remains closed to avoid any foul smell near to the bin area.

Key features and benifts

It operates on 24 Volts DC

Which its system can easily convert from the normal 220 Volts AC supply which is available at most stations.

For garbage compression

The hydraulic mechanism uses the compression ratio 1:5.

It has separate bins for dry and wet garbage

Bins are made of SS304 whereas the structures are of Mild steel with painted surface.

Safety arrangements

Such as detection of earth leakage and shock prevention are provided ensuring all safety parameters.

It uses LEDs to indicate the status of the bin

It emits green light indicating readiness of the system for starting Dustbin for use and after reaching a compressed level, compression starts with flickering Green Light.

The dustbin should be ready to perform and repeat

The designated compression cycle frequently within minimum 10 seconds and maximum of 40 seconds after reaching compaction level in the bin.

Our Products

Our Products